Day: January 1, 2010

General Miguel

To travel…

… is being conscientious of missing much more than what you will have time to visit.

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Miguel Singapore

Sometimes I miss…

… good bread with butter and good honey.… giving body combat classes and ride my bike.… drink beer with friends.… Eva’s cakes and bread.

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Next stop – where?

So, we have arrived in Singapore. All the way from little Switzerland, by train and bus and boat. Quite a long way, looking at it on a world map.And now?Well, we’re not coming back just yet. We have other plans first.A hint: it’s about train travel – again.So, any ideas? 🙂 We will let you […]

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Eva Singapore

From Singapore

Singapore – a breath of fresh air. Is it?Compared to all southeastasian cities, it’s definitely cleaner. The public transport system works. There’s enough space on the sidewalks to actually walk. Car drivers stop to let pedestrians pass. Few people spit, almost nobody litters. The small boat that took us to a small island the other […]

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