Next stop – where?

So, we have arrived in Singapore. All the way from little Switzerland, by train and bus and boat. Quite a long way, looking at it on a world map.
And now?
Well, we’re not coming back just yet. We have other plans first.
A hint: it’s about train travel – again.
So, any ideas? 🙂

We will let you know when we’re there!

Happy New Year!

One thought on “Next stop – where?”

  1. hi Eva and Miguel, happy new year to you too! We spent Xmas with my family in Bergamo, it was nice, we had not done that for the last 3 years (surely Anne's family was missed…). Than we spent 7 days in Sicily where we visited a bit of the amazing history of the Island (thanks a lot for your Sicily travel giude, which we used much to prepare the trip!), relaxed, ate marvellously. We thought of you much. Sending a big hug, Gio and Anne

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