Time wrap travel

5 Jan, 3pm, +30 degrees C – We visited Putrajaya, a big mostruosity of Malaysian government; 6pm – Check-in at Kuala Lumpur airport; 9pm – Flight to Seoul departs; 11pm – Landed at Kota Kinabalu; midnight – Departed from Kota Kinabalu

(Five hours later)

6 Jan, 6am, -10 degrees C – Landed at Seoul. The airplane slides over the ice while parking and we need to be towed; 11am – we sleep in a airport’s bench; 12pm – we took shower at Seoul airport; 3pm – Departed from Seoul.

(Eight hours later)

6 Jan (yes, again), 8am, +10 degrees C – Landed in San Francisco; 2pm – lunch in San Francisco; 8pm – we go to sleep.