Police raid in Tucson

Our host in Tucson – Sarah – was preparing dinner for us when her invited friend and neighbor arrived saying that there is police everywhere outside.

We go out to check things and there are three police cars with roof lights on in different parts of the street. One of them as they see us point a strong focus at us, we ignore. Minute later a undercover police car pass slowly by us, then stops and reverses, open the window and says: ‘we are looking for a stabber around here with dogs, please go inside as the dogs don’t make distinctions’.

We keep inside but we lack bread for dinner. Sarah’s friend goes by car to the shop near by. Thirty minutes later he’s not back yet. We wonder what is going on. He doesn’t answer the phone either. We start thinking what might have happen, if police would not have let him pass, but at least he could answer the phone. We get a bit scared until he finally appears saying there are two policeman going into Sarah backyard.

By the kitchen window we peer and see them, one armed with a dog and other with a good sized gun. We prefer not to look for long before become suspicious. Dinner was ready long time ago.

While on the table a new sound comes by – helicopter is flying over the house and the street. The stabber should not be far. But when we finally end dinner all the action was over. And we will never know if they catch him or now.