Season change

Few days ago we were with one meter of snow packed in the sidewalks, almost impossible to get out of home and we were obliged to drive for 2000km to get our plane in time.

Now we are in summer, t-shirt and shorts (or skirt or dress) all the time in Brazil. We are visiting Lorenza, my brazilian friend from the time I lived in Finland. So, for me back in Belo Horizonte and for Eva a first visit to the brazilian culture.

Also, this season change obliged us once more to re-arrange the backpack, from winter mode to summer mode. A big deal, the backpack which was just 10 or 11kg in winter mode (we were dressing the rest of the weight) is now with 14kg, as the jacket, fleece, shoes, long-sleves are all inside. We have also decided not to carry anymore our winter clothes that we bought and got offered in Chicago (thanks Hannah!). Just that there is no space and we are affraid we will not get again to as cold as it was in North of the United States. So, this just to tell that like at home, we too have to move winter and summer clothes from one place to another. Just that in the backpack is only inverting the stack.

Brazil, here we go.

One thought on “Season change”

  1. hi guys, what a switch, BRAZIL! Anne had anticipated to me through Facebook that you were heading there… ah, yes that must have been a change! I got back last night late from Vienna, where I was called in to give a talk (announced at the last minute: I was charged on Monday at noon in the office, the talk was in Vienna on Wed afternoon). I did not see mich of the cicy, tough gained the clear sentiment it is a brilliant and interesting place to go back to for a long weekend. All this excursus to say that when I got back, I got the clear impression that here too the season is switching: days longer and loger, and, when the sky is clear, relative warmth. Nice. What did you do for Miguel's bday, guys? I hope you got our sms. We did not dare calling your cell, but we did have you both in our minds. I am writing next to Anne, who's studying French: she's being very good at that, and speaking it better and better. I am still at a very rudimentary level :-(. And we speak a tiny bit more of Italia. Lastly, not sure we've told you about the half marathon: we've subscribed to the Cape Town Two Oceans half marathon, when we'll be there on April 3rd. And we're trainin for it…
    Hug you both, Love, Gio

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