Bacalhau com Natas

One of the things we cooked around the world was, when we find it (very seldom), bacalhau com natas. Portuguese recipe, but everyone seems to like it.

Shredded salted codfish (150g pp)
2 onions
6 potatoes
4 + 2 tablespoons butter
250ml cream
500ml milk
1 tablespoon flour
mustard, lemon juice, salt, pepper

Cook the cod in boiling water, strain and rinse
Fry potatoes in butter, sliced thin
Fry onion in 4 tablespoons butter
Melt 2 tablespoons butter, add flour, milk and seasoning to make a béchamel sauce
Add half the cream to the sauce still on the stove and the rest at the end
In a oven pan – layer potatoes, cod, onion
Pour the sauce and bake for 30minutes

One thought on “Bacalhau com Natas”

  1. Hi Miguel, Eva!
    I'm doing a big catch up reading your posts since the start of the year. We've been super busy decorating our bedroom which was completed with the delivery of a wardrobe last week. Just have to organise everything now! Spring arrived so we started gardening and cycling, enjoying the spring bulbs.

    Seeing your picture of bacalhau reminded me of my recent work trip to Lisbon. We were invited to the home of our colleague near Quinta das Conchas where his wife had made wonderful cheesy bacalhau. I thought of you a lot and that wonderful long weekend swimming and eating fish by the sea.

    A and I also did some ski lessons last month in Avoriaz. We were top of the class! There hasn't been as much snow as you saw in Washington though. Wow!

    Will keep watching your travels online and hope to see you somewhere soon. We might visit the US west coast this year so might have to get some tips from you. Let us know if you're passing our way. We have a comfy couch 😉
    Take care, as always, Joanne x

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