Small world – part 2

This weekend we decided to come to Austria to visit a friend we met in Russia last Summer. Was just 4-hour away from Munich were we are currently having shelter. We took the train and after failing the connection due some mechanical problem, in Bischofshofen (so you can imagine how small was the place) we heard a “Miguel” call from behind. Looked and it was an old university colleague (Jorge Tavares) which I did not see since I end university. He was there with his girlfriend on the way to her parents house.

We start telling the stories of our lifes and Jorge tells that for a year he worked at MIT, in the area of transports. A bell starts ringing in me (we were speaking Portuguese). He add that it was in the Civil Engineering department. The bell starts to be stronger. I ask “did you met Alda?”. “Yes…” he answers. “We stayed at her place in Boston, last February!”. I add, now in English “and did you met Vladmir, from Sao Paulo?, we also stayed at his place in Sao Paulo”. He also knew him.

And we kept talking amazed by this coincidences in a small train station in middle of Austria, while waiting for our connection. Alda was our last minute Couchsurfing host in Massachussets (Boston) for two nights. Vladimir was her friend there, but had returned to Sao Paulo couple weeks before. Alda kindly intruduced him to us by email, so we could also be hosted at his place in Brazil.