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New trip, new blog, same address

Two recumbent bicycles, a tent, camp kitchen, no limits. After six years of sedentary life we start off towards the west, to see where Europe ends, and beyond…This is the motto for our new expedition. The address of the blog is:

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China Video

Video – China

One month and half in China where we shot these videos:

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RU - Buryatia School Russia Video

Video – Buryatia

Videos from the days we spent in the two villages. Fights in Buryatian Surharban

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Russia Trains Video

Video: Russia

We’ve done very few videos during the trip, but here they are. First one is in Russia, excluding the two weeks we spent in the villages. It is a long video (nine minutes) representing the long time it takes to cross and enjoy Russia.

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Crazy Stories Miguel

Small world – part 2

This weekend we decided to come to Austria to visit a friend we met in Russia last Summer. Was just 4-hour away from Munich were we are currently having shelter. We took the train and after failing the connection due some mechanical problem, in Bischofshofen (so you can imagine how small was the place) we […]

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Finance Miguel

Final accounting

This and more at the Expenses Tracker .

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CH - Geneva Switzerland

Next Where: Stop!

We are now sorting the pictures, we will be back soon with a nice slide show.

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Accomodation BR - Porto Alegre Brazil Miguel

Porto Alegre – Elinka e Alberto

At Porto Alegre we had Elinka and Alberto. She is a singer and musical consultant, he studied history but works as a computer programmer. Elinka during whole time she hosted us – four days – had to do a blog presenting a musical group. The whole time she spoke with us and on the phone […]

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BR - Porto Alegre Brazil Miguel

Ticket to our next stop

It took an hour and a half to get it printed at the travel agency!

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Brazil Ending Miguel

When a decision becomes an indecision…

It’s sunny outside, warm, the beach is close. We are supposed to leave to Porto Alegre, our host is sleeping. We feel that we will regret moving away from here, at least while the weather is like this. But we decided, we are finishing this trip, put the final dot on going around. Yesterday we […]

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