China Video

Video – China

One month and half in China where we shot these videos:

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China Eva Money

Changing money – different countries, different experiences…

We usually don’t change money a lot. We prefer to use ATM’s which is safer, especially in countries where there’s false money around (like China).Sometimes though, we have some leftover currency that we have to change. In Seoul, we wanted to change some leftover yen. We went to a shopping centre where there was an […]

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China Miguel

Last pictures of China

Some ducks going alive to the market in Yongshuo. Dentist offices facing the street… The karsts that are represented in the 20yuen banknote (near Yangshuo). Petrol station for the river boats. Hanging the laundry in the tree (view from the bus window). Chinese prisons… sorry, apartments. (we saw couple times warnings from the police saying […]

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CN - Guilin CN - Nanning CN - Yangshuo Eva Trains

China – Episode 2

From the centre of Hong Kong, we took the metro to the last station one rainy morning, and crossed the border to Shenzhen. At the train station we had to queue a bit – we could have bought our ticket in Hong Kong, but for a ridiculously high commission. Getting our sleeper tickets in Shenzhen […]

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China Miguel Vietnam

Border crossing – China-Vietnam

Eva already wrote: we were 12 passengers and 9 conductors on the train which crossed the border that night. When we boarded the train in Nanning there were some other wagons which were full, but they were heading just to the station before the Chinese border. On night trains often they request the passports at […]

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China Miguel

Train tracks

budapest001, originally uploaded by miguelanjo. Tomorrow night we return to the train tracks on the way to Hanoi, Vietnam. The new aim of the trip, as now going East is not so easy, it to go to Singapore using whenever possible the train. (picture taken from the Budapest-Krakaw train in April 2009)

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China CN - Litang Miguel

Bus broke down stop

Bus broke down stop, originally uploaded by miguelanjo. On the trip between Litang and Shangri-la the bus refuse to work for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, the driver with help of some passengers moved petrol from one tank to another and did some other things in the inside of the bus to pump manually the petrol. […]

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China Eva HongKong

Why Hong Kong is not China

First and most important reason why Hong Kong is not China: You have to pass immigration. You officialy leave China (that’s why we needed a double-entry visa) and get a Hong Kong stamp. The traffic is left-sided. The buses don’t look like they’re going to fall apart any minute, and their exhaust fumes don’t smell […]

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China Eva Trains

Night Train Philosophies – Shenzhen to Guilin

After hanging around at Mc Donalds for half of the afternoon, we boarded our night train in the early evening in Shenzhen, a Chinese city close to Hong Kong. We shared our compartment with a Chinese man who fell asleep very early, so we didn’t make much noise, did a bit of reading and then […]

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China HongKong Miguel

Back to China

We had excellent time in HongKong, receiving the visit of Anne-Laure from Geneva for four days, during which we went to Macau to eat bacalhau in the “Castico”, we swim in nice beaches in Lamma island (where we were staying), went to the Peak. Also in HK we visited the very nice HK History museum […]

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