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Bacalhau com Natas

One of the things we cooked around the world was, when we find it (very seldom), bacalhau com natas. Portuguese recipe, but everyone seems to like it. Shredded salted codfish (150g pp) 2 onions 6 potatoes 4 + 2 tablespoons butter 250ml cream 500ml milk 1 tablespoon flour mustard, lemon juice, salt, pepper Cook the […]

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Eva Food US

In the streets of Chicago, Boston, New York….

… there’s a Swiss-Portuguese couple desperately looking for a nice cafe, selling coffee in real cups instead of paper or styrofoam cups…. Americans are obsessed with organic, whole-food, vegetarian, vegan, non-dairy, non-fat, and generally good-for-your-health food…. but it usually comes in plastic plates and paper cups and you eat it with disposable forks…. all this […]

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Eva Food Korea KR - Gonju Sports

South Korea – Gonju

We chose Gonju because it’s a small town, and there seemed to be enough things to do for a few days. We felt the need to stay longer at the same place and also relax a bit.This time we decided to choose a motel from our guidebook, and it was a good choice. Friendly landlady, […]

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Eva Food RU - Siberia Russia

Siberian Food

Typical Siberian (or rather, Buryat) food: Pozy (kind of stewed meat ravioli) and beer.

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