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Why Hong Kong is not China

First and most important reason why Hong Kong is not China: You have to pass immigration. You officialy leave China (that’s why we needed a double-entry visa) and get a Hong Kong stamp. The traffic is left-sided. The buses don’t look like they’re going to fall apart any minute, and their exhaust fumes don’t smell […]

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China HongKong Miguel

Back to China

We had excellent time in HongKong, receiving the visit of Anne-Laure from Geneva for four days, during which we went to Macau to eat bacalhau in the “Castico”, we swim in nice beaches in Lamma island (where we were staying), went to the Peak. Also in HK we visited the very nice HK History museum […]

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HongKong Miguel

Pieces of magic

anjo-26nov 004, originally uploaded by miguelanjo. In HK we did one more science museum. They are a bit the same all over the world but this one included a very nice mirrors compound where we could do some magic. Here I am (at least my head)!

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China Eva HongKong Miguel

Email from an exhibition

這張照片是你的朋友在香港規劃及基建展覽館電郵給你的。照片是利用互動快拍裝置拍攝的。這項裝置是展覽館其中一項既令人驚喜又特別的多媒體互動展品。歡迎閣下蒞臨參觀我們的展覽館。 Your friend has sent you this digital photo from the Hong Kong Planning and Infrastructure Exhibition Gallery. The photo was taken at the interactive snap shot installation, one of the many exciting and unique multimedia interactive exhibits installated at the Gallery. We look forward to seeing you at our Gallery!

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