HU – Budapest

Accomodation HU - Budapest Miguel PL - Lublin PL - Zamosc Poland

Couch Surfing around

For three times already we have been Couch Surfing during this trip. Was in Budapest, then in Zamosc and now in Lublin. Tomorrow we will go to Warsaw, again meeting someone new. and are two nice websites where people can share their couch for others to surf on. It makes the trip much […]

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Eva HU - Budapest PL - Krakow Poland

Impressions from the Nighttrain Budapest/Krakow

1. The ticket inspector: He opens the door of the wagon when the time is right, shows us our compartment, keeps our tickets (which unsettled a few of our fellow backpacking passengers…) and takes care of his customers in his wagon.2. The toilets: Old but clean, even with a toilet brush (so they stay clean).3. […]

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Eva HU - Budapest

Meeting Cesar

While in Budapest we had the chance to meet our friend Cesar, in town with his girlfriend for a holiday. We met them in a nice bar with our couchsurfing host Gary and a few of his friends and spent an evening drinking beer and shots and talking.During a trip like this it’s nice to […]

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