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About Japan

Things I like in Japan+ It is an organized country+ Public transport is frequent, reliable and take us everywhere+Tourist offices exist in every train station, have maps and help with accomodation+ Public baths and onsens are relaxing+ Tatami floor in the room is very comfortable with japanese futons and pillows+ Set menus and boxed lunches […]

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Eva Japan JP - Kyoto JP - Sapporo

Through Japan towards the South

The idea behind travelling through Japan and South Korea was to arrive to China by land, and getting a visa on the way there. Apart from that, it also gave us a break from travelling in more “difficult” countries like Russia and China, the side effect being our budget jumping up to the sky. From […]

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Japan Miguel Trains

Japanese trains

This time in Japan we took only three trains. We did not have Japan Rail Pass, which is a must if you want to go around Japan, as trains are expensive like in Switzerland. Unfortunately in Russia you can only get this rail pass in Moscow and we were a bit far away from it. […]

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Japan JP - Kyoto Miguel

Japan – hot and humid

Travel in Japan has its rules. The heat can be unbearable; the tourists – among japanese, coreans and westerns – can be too many. The magic of Japan can stay hidden in those conditions. Hokkaido continues to be my special Japan. Cooler and few tourists, mountains and hiking. But I believe that I should discover […]

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Eva Japan JP - Reshiri Island Sports

Reshiri Island, Japan

We arrived in Wakkanai at the northern tip of Hokkaido on the 28th July. Wakkanai is a small town, there’s not really much to do except very practical things for us: laundry and going to the post office. So the next day we took another ferry which took us to the island of Reshiri within […]

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Eva Ferry Japan Russia

Boat stories

In order to continue travelling on the surface of the earth, we have had to take a few ferries, one in Russia, one in Japan and one between the two countries. The experiences couldn’t have been more different….First of all, we had to get from mainland Russia to the island Sakhalin. We had done quite […]

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