RU - Buryatia School Russia Video

Video – Buryatia

Videos from the days we spent in the two villages. Fights in Buryatian Surharban

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Russia Trains Video

Video: Russia

We’ve done very few videos during the trip, but here they are. First one is in Russia, excluding the two weeks we spent in the villages. It is a long video (nine minutes) representing the long time it takes to cross and enjoy Russia.

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Eva Ferry Japan Russia

Boat stories

In order to continue travelling on the surface of the earth, we have had to take a few ferries, one in Russia, one in Japan and one between the two countries. The experiences couldn’t have been more different….First of all, we had to get from mainland Russia to the island Sakhalin. We had done quite […]

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General Miguel Russia

Last day in Russia

And at the same time probably the most Eastern point of our trip. We are in Sakhalin island and tomorrow we will head South to Japan. We are in deep need of some civilization. We are dreaming of Japanese onsens (hot baths) for couple days now. The main thing I’ve learnt from this two months […]

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Miguel RU - BAM RU - Komsomolsk RU - Siberia Russia

Russia impressions during a morning before going out of the hotel

1) At the end of the breakfast we leave the bill with the payment over the table and leave. A waiter comes behind asking if we did not forgot to take the receipt with us. Ok, this could be the case. Anyway, we took 3 times the breakfast there,the waiter that takes the orders never […]

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Eva RU - BAM RU - Komsomolsk RU - Siberia Russia


We are in Komsomolsk, in very eastern Siberia. It’s a so-called “BAM-town”. The BAM is the “Baikal-Amur-Mainline”, a railway line that goes further north than the transsiberian, built during soviet times, mostly by Gulag workers doing very hard work. Before this, there was not much here, so all the towns along the line have been […]

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Bedbugs Eva Russia

Itchy, itchy, itchy….

Since our 4 nights spent in Dora’s apartment in Severobaikalsk (see previous post), I have maybe 20 or 30 little red spots on my legs, itching like hell. Most of them are in lines of 3 or 4, making it easy to identify…. BEDBUGS. I have been scratching my legs ever since (which means for […]

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Eva Food RU - Siberia Russia

Siberian Food

Typical Siberian (or rather, Buryat) food: Pozy (kind of stewed meat ravioli) and beer.

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General Miguel RU - BAM RU - Siberia RU - Tynda Russia

Channels availableon our black-and-white TV of the Tynda hotel room

1 – Russian Channel 1 – they are making fun of someone2 – Channel Russia – series3 – REN4 – NTV – “crime”/”police” type program5 – Sport – Ragueby (today was synchronized swimming)6 – DTV – russian movie7 – TNT – “crime” type program8 – Sport “flash back” – old american sports channel (from the […]

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Eva RU - BAM RU - Severobaikalsk Russia

At the northern tip of Lake Baikal

After our 36-hour train trip making a big loop from Irkutsk to the northern end of Lake Baikal, here we are in Severobaikalsk. A small, quite uninteresting place, apart from it’s nice lakeshore with a small beach (although we saw nicer beaches on the Eastern shore). When we arrived at the train station 3 days […]

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