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Visitamos a bela ilha de Kizhi com igreja russa em madeira, patrimonio da Unesco. Ikha verde e calma depois de SP. Bilhete de barco caro (40eur/pessoa) mas na ilha conseguimos o preco de estudante russo (3 eur) em vez do preco para estrangeiro (15eur), com algum nervosismo.Ontem fomos ao Devil Chair, um monte noutro lado […]

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Eva RU - Petrozavods Trains

Train trip with Oleg

We took the overnight train from Petrozavodsk to Moscow. We got the 2 side beds, the lower bed can be converted to a table and 2 chairs. It was very hot in the train, forbidden to open the windows. As before, the ventilation is turned on about 45 minutes after departure. We read, eat, look […]

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Miguel RU - Petrozavods

Kizhi island, the photo

If you check the last edition of Lonely Planet Russia, from March 2009 (but some very outdated things, I’ll do a post later about it), there is this wooden church in the cover. We went there and it is very magical island in Karelia (well, the island does not belong to Karelia, but we come […]

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