Accomodation Eva

A tribute to

It’s time to look back on our trip (apart from also looking forward…) and time to write this post that has been in my head for a while now.By now our regular readers should have heard of Couchsurfing. To cite their website: “CouchSurfing is a worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the local […]

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Accomodation BR - Porto Alegre Brazil Miguel

Porto Alegre – Elinka e Alberto

At Porto Alegre we had Elinka and Alberto. She is a singer and musical consultant, he studied history but works as a computer programmer. Elinka during whole time she hosted us – four days – had to do a blog presenting a musical group. The whole time she spoke with us and on the phone […]

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Accomodation BR - Florianopolis Brazil

Florianólis, Patricia and her two children

In Florianópolis the house is in Campeche, only five minutes by foot to the beach in a area of detached houses. Patrícia lives with her two children and a german shepherd in the garden. The children are 14 and 16years old and students. The younger one also plays videogames while the older one works. Patrícia […]

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Accomodation BR - Curitiba Brazil Miguel

Curitiba, Milana and Dalmo

Milana and Dalmo are our hosts in Curitiba. Both journalists and studying for public worker examinations, in order to have a more stable future. They live not far from the center, walking distance from the “eye” of Niemeyer. Their large apartment is on the fifth floor on a quite recent building. The living with two […]

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Accomodation BR - Sao Paulo Brazil Miguel

Sao Paulo – Vlad e Vanessa

Alda from Boston introduced us to Vanessa and Vlad by email. Vanessa is accountant at C&A and Vlad is teacher of economics in a university. The apartment is at the city center, close to the university where Vlad teaches. On the 18th and last floor (in Brazil we always stay on the top floor) of […]

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Accomodation BR - Rio de Janeiro Brazil Miguel

Rio de Janeiro, the ghost Xiopan

Rio couchsurfing experience is bizarre. We are received by the house maid who take us to an apartment style loft, fully equiped where we stay. On the floor there is the air matress with satin bedsheets, silver color and brand ‘playboy’. In the kitchen there is all kind of food for breakfast, except fruits. “I’ll […]

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Accomodation Miguel US US - Washington

Washington, Margaret, Brad, Christina and Marc

They are the family that hosts us in Washington area. They live in Alexandria, Virginia in a 3-floor house. The parents are around 50 years-old and the sons are 16 and 13. Margaret and Brad are both graduated on health and they worked for one year in the Thai-Cambodia border dealing with the refugees. Is […]

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Accomodation Miguel US US - New York

Brookly, Lisa and Wistlepig

Brookly is elected as our district while staying in New York City. Lisa is our host together with Wistlepig, a young dog. The aparment on the ground-foor of Carol Gardens neighbourhood is nice and full of things. Lisa, even though she works as a nanny and in a kindergarten, she likes handcrafts and does crochet, […]

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Accomodation Miguel US US - Boston

Boston, Alda

In Boston is almost a last minute couch. The morning we are leaving Chicago we send few more requests for Cambridge as there was no reponse for Boston. Alda immediatly answers. She is Portuguese doing PhD in airports and studying temporarly at MIT. She shares apartment with Baris and his girlfriend at the top of […]

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Accomodation Miguel US US - Chicago

Chicago, Hannah

Hannah would not stop to talk from the moment she met us until we say goodbye. She had finished nurse education and was looking for a job. Meanwhile she is volunteer for a poors people clinic and teacher at hebrew school. She is Jewish but not very involved – she works on shabbat. Her apartment […]

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