One of the strangest nights of my life – Comedy/Terror real story

(translated from Portuguese without much thinking)

With Ayuna the relations continue very tense. Yesterday night she went for a walk telling us “help yourself” at her grandmother place. It was 20:30. At 21:45 I went to uncle’s house where only her uncle smoking and Sasha (the oldest -5years- grand-daughter) were present. There were no signs of dinner. At 22:45 Ayuna returns saying that we could cook the rice that was standing there. There was no light in the kitchen and she goes away again. An uncle of hers comes over, a bit drunk and showing us that there is also meat. We say we go to sleep. Five minutes later he returns saying that we can go and eat at the other house (uncle’s house) but we refused. It was 23:00.

We fall asleep.

At middle of the night some people start knocking hard at the door and screaming. Ayuna and the grand-mother (we are living/sleeping all in same room) wake up. Ayuna starts crying and the grand-mother to scream to the 2/3 men in the street who try to open the door and knocking also on the windows. There were 5 or 10 minutes of this. When the men leave the grand-mother pees in the bucket she has by her bed.

After a while – 1 or 2 hours, I don’t know – another person comes to knock the door and windows, trying to open the door. He calls for the grand-mother in Buryat language. Ayuna does not make noise and the grand-mother gets-up and pees in her bucket. The person gives up quickly. There are lightnings and thunders at 15 and 30 seconds away. Starts to rain. Eva holds me and we can’t sleep for a long while.

At 6:30 – I can now see the time – someone knocks the door and screams. The grand-mother in underware get up and opens the door. They speak and the person goes to sleep with the grand-mother. It is a women.

At 9:30 continues to rain, is the time we had set to leave home but every one sleeps. Eva and then me got up to go to the toilet and start the day. At some point Ayuna’s aunt appear and then the oncle saying to cook the rice. We try to do it. There is very little electricity and the oncle goes to cut wood and start the wood oven. The grand-mother wakes up and join us, washing the dishes and taking the breakfast with us. Everyone then disappears to the uncle’s house.

It’s 11:30 and Ayuna gets up and, knowing the time, asks me why I did not wake her up. I think I’m not an alarm clock without being asked but I only say that I thought with the rain we would not go to the “arshan”. I ask what happened during the night. She will say after she comes from the toilet, Ayuna says. One hour has passed, it still rains. There is another person in the grand-mother’s bed and we don’t understand anything what is going on. I ask my self about Jurgen and Kate. It is now 12:30.

Later we left to Jurgen and Kate place to tell our adventure. In the evening finally we know from Ayuna that the drunk people wanted “just” to talk with us. She did not listen the second person and we did not ask about the women (her cousin). Both Ayuna and us were scared and did not know what would have happen if they would open the door. Fortunately the event did not repeat and it was, mostly for sure, a side effect of the general drunkness that day after the summer party of the village (sur-harban).

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  1. Waw, weird story… but on the other hand it is like "déjà vu" from a book I read of a french guy travelling in the Baikal region. He had the same explanations than you: too much bad quality vodka.
    Anyway, take care…

    O CoXo

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