Blogger censored in China!

Well, I found it out when reading posts via Google Reader (all of you should use it) and there were no images. When I tried to read the original posts I just found that we do not have access to blogger. Ok, I went around using a anonymous surfing page (which might well pick my password, but hopefully not) and configured blogger to accept posts via email. This is a test, hopefully it will get posted.

We are now enjoying Beijing, we met our friend Anne from Geneva, we ate Beijing duck, we were conditioned to the block of our hotel during 15hours (since 17:00 yesterday afternoon until this morning, 9:00) while there was a practise for the China National day, which will be 1st of October. It means they blocked all main roads in the center and if you would go out, you could not get it. We went to see the checkpoints and even residents had really trouble to pass (unless you had a car=money, which made things easier). The police was very clear when we asked and politely said (in the same words, in two different control points) that once you get out, in order to re-enter the block it is necessary that someone from hotel management to come and pick us up at the control point… Well we did not see the people from the youth hostel where we are to do this (they had warned us in a bad english communicate that there would me “traffic management” and orally said we could not even leave the hostel), so we did not try to get out.

Beijing is, however, very nice and beautiful. Yesterday while strolling in a park dozens of people in big and small groups where dancing, singing, playing instruments, just have fun them selves. Very enjoyable.

Well, lets hope this gets through the censorchip and appears to you, my friends! 🙂

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  1. hi Eva and Miguel, well done, indeed these posts are coming through and we can still keep up with news from you. Funny reading some of your posts re Beijin and, for once, having already heard some of the points a few days ago on the phone with Anne. She was very excited with meeting you guys… now she's fine at the school, although it is very intense with lots of lectures, after dinner too, every day. Fall is coming here, still nice days. I was in Bergamo for the weekend. Hug you both. Gio

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