Beijing tourists, drivers and censorship

We survived the time enclosed at the hotel. Now, after saying goodbye to Anne and enjoying once more a bit of lack of communication common in communist country, when she try to ask the taxi driver to go somewhere, he reply asking to phone to a chinese person telling the address, this chinese person says is too complicated, then tells Anne that the bus she was told that would leave at 2pm had left at 1pm and to go to the airport terminal 3 where another bus would leave at 4pm. The chinese takes more than 2 minutes to explain the taxi driver where the airport terminal 3 is, or else they discussed the weather.

Today we went to visit the forbidden city (check wikipedia for details). It was nice apart of having some thousands too much of tourists, tourists groups with guides with speakers (even if it was not allowed to use the speakers). Amazing to know that the ex-emperor of china lived there until 1924, completely enclosed in a city within a city.

We still survive going around in bicycle. Like in Korea, turn right on a red light is allowed, but the difference with Korea is that here they do not stop, will be there a person crossing on pedestrian green light or not. They just horn and go around in front of you.

Well, I think I stop here. This internet place is coin operated, every 6 minutes a new coin (10cents of euro each). Too much work.

Ah, prices in Beijing are from chinese friendly to tourist traps. Yesterday we entered a tourist trap asking 8yuan (80euro cents) for a bowl of rice. We went out (max price is 1yuan). Then we found a really chinese dumpling restaurant where the whole meal including 2 plates of dumplings, two soups and a big beer cost 16yuan…

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  1. "lack of communication common in a communist country"…interesting observation. Maybe one should try to learn the local language a bit better to be able to say so.. Brazil has a lower literacy level than China.


    80 euro cent for a bowl of rice? OMG!! :) come you can feel cheated? do you know how much it costs anywhere else in the "non communist" countries?


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