Motorbikes and bicycles

We saw first with a single passenger, the next had two. Look, there are two plus a child. Another one was carrying a vase. Now there are also single saddle bicycles with two people riding. Second day in Vietnam: record, two adults and two children in a single motorbike. But then there was a guy alone with 5 pigs in cages on his back. Yesterday there was one with a whole double-door fridge balancing on the motorbike. Photo, photo. Hey, 3 children cycling the same single saddle bycicle… They find the place for it. During a glass of beer I thought being drunk – four adults in a scooter! But more, these days we see them carrying a broken motorbike in a trycicle; or just their office – table plus chairs plus two persons in a 100cc machine. They are crazy – doors, the driver and two wheels of the motorbike. Ofter they carry also long tubes, just 2 meters, plus a meter of motorbike plus 2 meters. Doesn’t mater if the tubes are plastic or metal, it is 5 meters long device carried in the middle of the city. Impressive image last evening – rush hours, hundreds of motorbikes – we are in Ho Chi Minh City – and a student cycling her bike without using the hands in the middle of the traffic. Talking on the phone or texting while riding the motorbike and skipping a red light is peanuts of local people. Frontal chocks, lateral touches motorbike-motorbike or motorbike-car happen, only once we saw a person lying on the floor…
Hey, that one is 3 meters wide and 4 long, but just two wheels. Eva, Eva, a leopard riding. No, this one probably will be only tomorrow.

Soon I’ll post some pictures of this text. It is not easy to catch the images, but if you like photography, indeed Vietnam is a country you should not miss.