Eva KR - Seoul Museums

South Korea – Seoul

During our trip in South Korea, we went to Seoul twice. The first time in the middle of the trip, when we sorted out visas for China and visited some very nice museums.One of them was the national contemporary art museum, where we saw Paik Nam June’s work “the more the better”: in the middle, […]

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Eva KR - Gyeongju Temples

South Korea – Gyeongju and around

Our next stop was Gyeongju, close to the southeastern coast. The city is known for its “tumuli parks”, which are basically ancient graveyards. People here are still buried under little mounds of earth, but in ancient times these mounds could be huge if they contained the tomb of a king or somebody important:I guess it’s […]

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Eva KR - Gangneung Sports

South Korea – Gangneung and around

After having spent a few days in Seoul (mainly to sort out our Chinese visas) we again escaped to the countryside. Gangneung is a small town, not much to see or do in the city itself, but we thought it would be a good base to explore the eastern coastal region. We checked into the […]

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Korea KR - Seoul Miguel

Recent activity

Today we are fetching our Chinese visas and then heading to the Korean East coast. Weather is getting less humid and we hope to do so hiking and swim in the beach.

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Hotel rooms Korea Miguel

Korean technology at the service of the tourist – part II

This post has three pictures… One of them is not so related to tourists but in any case is related to technology. Yes, Korea more or less means technology and big technology. All the time we see people watching television on their mobile phones while in the metro or in the bus. Kitchen fridges are […]

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Korea KR - Seoul Miguel

Korean technology at the service of the tourist – part I

This post has just one bad picture of me, today, in an excellent museum in Seoul called Leeum Samsung Museum of Art. The entry price was expensive for Korean standards, 10kW (10’000Won) meaning a bit less than 6euros plus 2kW for audio guide. This museum has two buildings done by known architects and it is […]

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Eva Food Korea KR - Gonju Sports

South Korea – Gonju

We chose Gonju because it’s a small town, and there seemed to be enough things to do for a few days. We felt the need to stay longer at the same place and also relax a bit.This time we decided to choose a motel from our guidebook, and it was a good choice. Friendly landlady, […]

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Eva Korea KR - Busan KR - Jinju

South Korea – Busan and Jinju

We left Japan on the 7th of August, by ferry. Buying tickets at the Fukuoka ferry terminal was quite straightforward, except that we didn’t have enough cash anymore to pay the fuel surcharge which could not be paid by credit card, so we had to walk to the next Post Office to get some cash.The […]

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Korea KR - Busan Miguel

Toilet paper machine

We did not take pictures of the noodles machine, or french fries or books or vibrators (in the motel), but here a picture of a toilet paper machine, found in many subway stations toilets in Busan, South Korea.

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Korea Miguel

Korea, first toughts

Well, Korea is definitely a easy country to travel, quite recommended. Come soon as the roads and over-density is taking care of making it less appealing. While Korea has a different alphabet (not signs), many things are written in english. Hotels – or better, love motels – are easy to find, they use the same […]

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