We spent the weekend in Warszaw – here are a few impressions.
A bit city…. a lot of time spent travelling in buses and trams.
Walking around in the “old” town… nice but too many tourists.
There was an outdoor exhibition with aerial photos taken by the SS during their air raids over the city. Very impressive. You see a completely destroyed city from above. The most scary are the pictures of the Jewish Ghetto: Just a white patch. No walls, nothing.
We also had the chance to discover Praga, a district said to be “very dangerous” but nobody can tell us why exactly. To be honest, I felt safer than walking around in Paquis area in Geneva! And there are some of the few still pre-war houses, old and unrenovated, most marked by bomb shrapnel, in desperate need of renovation. A very special feeling. Thanks Monika for showing us around!
I guess we could have spent more time in this city. But we decided to leave the concrete and traffic behind and go north, to Gdansk. On the way, a one-night stop at Malbork to visit the castle.