Day: April 30, 2009

Eva PL - Suwalki Poland

Battle of Storks

Battle of StorksOriginally uploaded by eva_p For someone like me, having grown up in a part of the world where a lot of animals do not exist any more (or are getting very rare), this was a wonderful sight. A storks nest, and 2 storks quarreling inside, a third one watching (my theory is that […]

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Eva PL - Suwalki Poland Sports


Kayaking in PolandOriginally uploaded by eva_p Today we went kayaking near Stary Folwark in Northeastern Poland. Not on the lake, which is open only from the 1st of May (coinciding with the national long holiday weekend) but on a river. Some 15 km paddling, sometimes zigzagging because of the stream, wind and our little knowledge […]

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